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5 Tips To Keep Your Wood Fence Looking Brand New

May 04 2022   |   By: Mike Dominique   |   Posted in: Fence Maintenance


The classic wood fence looks great and goes with nearly every type of house making it extremely popular. Wood fences are also relatively cheaper than their vinyl and metal counterparts. A wood fence that is properly built and maintained can last for years while looking brand new. You do not have to be a professional to take care of your own fence. There are a few simple things that you can do as a homeowner to ensure the longevity of your fence.

Power Wash Before You Stain                                                                             

It its very important to power wash your fence before you re-stain or re-treat your fence. If it is dirty when you stain it the stain can take in an uneven fashion and leave discolored sections of the fence. Dirt and mold that you stain over can do continuous damage to your fence shorting its life. Detergents should not be used when power washing the fence as the soap can also sit on the wood causing the stain to soak in unevenly causing an uneven coat. If you do not feel comfortable staining your own fence a professional can always be hired to do it for you.

Use The Correct Stain                                                                                            

Picking the right stain is also important. When choosing a stain you need to take into account the type of wood the fence is made out of. Most of our wood fences are white cedar. It is also important to know what kind of weather the stain is meant for and what type of weather you regularly experience. If the stain is not durable enough or it does not lock out enough weather, the wood could rot much faster than if it was properly protected.

Protect The Posts From Rot (Use Copper Napthanate)          

Treating the bottom of your posts with a chemical treatment that contains copper napthanate can prevent post rot. Since the posts are exposed to moisture from the ground and from the air they need a little extra protection. A chemical treatment with copper napthanate can provide the extra layer of protection that is not provided by a traditional stain.

Keep Space Between The Fence And Plants                                                                 

Plants can cut the life of a wood fence short if they are placed too close to the fence. The roots of bushes and trees can weaken the foundation of the fence posts making them more likely to come lose and even fall out or break. The branches of bushes and trees can also damage the fence if the arc of the sun goes on the other side of the fence from the plant. If the plant starts to grow through the fence it can split the wood damaging the fence and the plant in the process. Keep at last two feet between the base of the plant and the base of the fence and regularly prune the branches that are facing the fence.

Regularly Wash The Fence

Regularly washing the fence ensures that dirt and mold cannot accumulate on the fence. Dirt and mold can ruin the stain and eventually lead to rotting of the posts. While washing the fence make sure to check for discolored spots where the stain has worn off, also check for cracks in the wood and rotted pieces. Doing a regular wash and check can make sure little problems get nipped in the bud before they develop into large issues.

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