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CT Fence Installations; Is It Time To Repair My Fence?

Mar 29 2018   |   By: Mike Dominique   |   Posted in: Fence Maintenance


Here in New England, wooden fences are often the most popular choice due to their natural beauty, traditional look, and in some cases, building code demands. While a beautifully designed wooden CT fence will certainly accentuate any property, they don’t last forever and will eventually need to be replaced. Small signs of damage can be replaced by routine maintenance; however, over time your CT fence will need to be replaced. There are a few tell tale signs that it’s time for a replace. These are some of the indicators that it’s time for a new CT fence.

New England Style Rustic Fence

Signs Of Insect Invasion or Corrosion

CT Fence installations are excellent for keeping out large animals and unwanted intruders. However, insects can be a bit more of a “pest”. Boring in the wood, signs of holes or corrosion, and sections of “shredded” fencing can all be major signs of insect invasion. If lucky, you may be able to catch the problem early enough where a simple repair will do the trick. If you have any questions on the condition of your CT fence, you’re welcome to contact our team for a professional opinion!

Sagging Fence Posts

On some occasions, a sagging or leaning fence post can be fixed by repairing just one smaller individual section of fence. If you notice a larger area, or the entire fence begging to lean and sag, this is an important sign that it may be time to replace your CT fence. Drooping fence posts can end up destroying your fence boards as well as your posts, after being under bending pressure for a significant period of time. If this is the case, the integrity and overall strength has been compromised, and it’s best to move forward with replacement at this time. Fences not only provide a boundary, but often times a safety enclosure as well. Having a beautiful, properly maintained and structurally sound CT fence is what we’re all about!

Damaged Boards

Whether slightly damaged or completely broken, this is one of the easier things to notice when it’s time to decide on the right time to purchase a new CT fence. With time, natural wear and tear as well as deterioration will both likely impact your enclosure. While many times individual boards can be replaced, if the damage appears to be widespread, it is best to move fourth with a new CT fence installation. A structurally unsound and damaged fence can pose both a safety and insurance risk. We’ll help keep your area safely enclosed and visually appealing.

CT Fence Maintenance

A variety of signs can tip off a property owner that their CT fence is in need of a rebuild. In most cases, the age of the fence will be the most impactful factor. Make fence maintenance a simple part of your routine to be sure you catch any damage as quickly as possible!

Southington Rustic Fence | CT Fence Installation

Choosing an experienced fence contractor like Southington Rustic Fence can alleviate a lot of the stress and headaches associated with any major property improvement project. Our representatives and installers have a thorough understanding of the process and will guide you on your way to a successful and pain free fence installation. 


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