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Tips For Selecting The Best Fence For Your Home

Mar 20 2019   |   By: Mike Dominique   |   Posted in: Vinyl Fencing, Fence Maintenance, Chain Link Fencing, Cedar Fence


Selecting The Best Fence

Why Are You Adding A Fence?

When deciding to add a fence to your yard, it’s important that you pinpoint the main focus of why you want this fence. Deciding the main goal such as security or visual appeal, will help you better decide the best fence style to be installed. Here are some material options:

Vinyl Fence Style

Vinyl fencing offers sturdiness to withstand different weather conditions, longevity and provides an aesthetic appeal for a higher performance fence for your yard. Vinyl is environmentally safe, recyclable and for the most part maintenance free. Furthermore, you are able to choose from several design options such as different colors, textures, vinyl woodgrains and finishes. Your options are limitless.

Wood Fence Style

Wood offers a creative design with several options that make each fence versatile and unique. A professionally installed wood fence gives your home a custom look that enhances your home’s appearance. Wood fences do require more maintenance than other options and are not as strong as vinyl or chain link. We custom build our cedar fences to meet your specific needs.

Ornamental Aluminum Fence Style

One of the most simple and attractive style fences is ornamental aluminum or steel. Aluminum fences are more appealing for it’s decorative design and they never rust, making them a virtually maintenance free option. The ornamental style is a classic style that is ageless and always in style. 

Chain Link Fence Style

Chain link fences may not be the most attractive option out there but they offer strength, durability and security that meet many different needs. This style is popular to fence off areas such as dog and pool enclosures to heavy industrial strength for commercial properties. Great around pools and backyards, chain link fence is one of the most practical styles of fence, relatively easy to install, and very cost effective.

Consider Fence Maintenance 

When choosing the type of fence that’s best for your home, it’s also important to consider the maintenance involved. Some fences are easier to maintain than others, which may be a significant factor depending on your lifestyle. For instance, wooden fences require the most maintenance but this style fence also greatly boosts your property’s value. Where as, aluminum and vinyl fencing doesn’t require much maintenance, which is commonly sought after from homeowners. Talk with your fencing contractor to make sure you know about each fence style to find the one that best suits your home and lifestyle. 

How To Prepare For Installation

When preparing for any home improvement project, a little planning can be highly beneficial to ensure optimal results. Before installing a fence, you need to consider some possible restrictions due to the building code guidelines, underground utilities, where you want to dig and finding a clear, unobstructed fence line layout. Also, be sure the fence is assembled within the margins of your own property, rather than directly on the property line. Ensuring a smooth fence installation can be simplified with the right preparations.

Choosing The Right Fencing Contractor

Trying to install a fence on your own can create several issues, as it can be a difficult process without the proper knowledge. According to Angie’s List, you can try fencing a yard on your own, but the process requires specialized tools and labor. When hiring a professional, its important to check the company’s licensing status and references.Your local planning and zoning department can provide you with a plot plan of your property, so you can properly designate your property boundaries and better plan the fence's location.

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